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Welcome to the thrilling realm of game development, where creativity reigns supreme! Here, both new and experienced game creators can unleash their imaginations, crafting engaging single-player and multiplayer experiences that redefine interactive entertainment.

Join us as we explore the vibrant world of single and multiplayer games crafted on our platform. From intricate gameplay mechanics achieved without coding, each creation reflects the boundless creativity and ingenuity of the human spirit. Let your imagination take flight as we embark on an unforgettable journey through the captivating realm of hyperPad game development! 

Hakan, iOS Game Developer

Before we unveil our recommendations, we're thrilled to introduce you to Hakan Dede, an exceptional iOS game developer responsible for a series of chart-topping hits on the Apple App Store. Balancing a demanding full-time role as a lecturer, Hakan's game development journey was made possible through our platform. Remarkably, he soared to success in the mobile gaming industry without ever needing to code a single line!

We take immense pride in supporting Hakan as he pursues his passion for game development. His captivating creations have not only enraptured players worldwide but have also propelled him to financial milestones surpassing his income from lecturing. With our platform, every achievement Hakan has earned since his initial purchase is entirely his own.

As Hakan continues to push boundaries and innovate, he serves as an inspiration for aspiring game developers everywhere, proving that with dedication and the right tools, dreams can indeed become reality in the vibrant world of game development.

Games by Hakan on Apple App Store

Hakan's impressive portfolio spans across numerous genres, including Family, Action, Board, Casual, Adventure, Puzzle, and Racing, all achieved without writing a single line of code. Among these, here are our top three:

Super Cow - The Revolution

Super Cow by Hakan Dede

Cows against human!

Super Cow is fed up with farmers who are improsining her kind on the farms.

Now it is time for the revolution and you will help her on the way to the victory.Run and jump all the way through 30 levels to stop human domination.

Super Cow features:

-3 episodes

Farm,city and warzone

-30 levels

-3 boss fights

-A gripping storyline

-Support for 6 languages

Have fun!

➡️ Play Super Cow - The Revolution on the App Store now

Super Trucker

Super Trucker by Hakan Dede

One of the most addictive physics based driving game ever made!

You are about to embark on a journey where no ride has ever been before.Climb through the highest hills of the world with no respect to the laws of physics.

Drive over the rocky roads with a trailer full of cargo and try not to drop any piece of it.

-3 episodes:Building site,farm and military

-30 levels

-3 trucks

-Real physics

-Realistic driving

-Lots of cargos to carry: Rocks, stones, fruits, vegetables, bombs, dynamites, tanks and many more...

Test your driving skills with one of the best truck driving game!

We would like to hear what you like or dislike about this game.Please don’t forget to leave a moment to write a review.

Have fun!

➡️ Play it here

Mr Head - The dark lights 2

Mr Head by Hakan Dede

Move on Mr Head!

Roll down or climb up,jump off springs and discover the dark lights!

Don't think it will be easy!As in some levels you will need improved hand skills while in another you will have to be patient or you might need your logic.

Don't think you are alone,lights will guide you there!

Play this 17 level physics-adventure game and please don't forget to rate us!

➡️ Play it here 

More on our Hub

We are a versatile platform that empowers users to create a wide range of interactive experiences, including games. Here are some games made on hyperPad that showcase the platform's creativity and potential:

With us, game developers can seamlessly design and build games of all kinds of genres, from thrilling action-adventures to mind-bending puzzles and everything in between. Whether you're a solo developer with a passion for storytelling or a team looking to collaborate on multiplayer masterpieces, we provide the tools and flexibility to make your dreams a reality.

The Blob

The Blob by TutorialDoctor

"The Blob" by TutorialDoctor is a charming pixel art platformer game crafted with the Piskel application. With three levels of increasing difficulty, players navigate through the levels collecting coins while dodging the Blob Mob. The goal is to gather 10 coins to advance, but players can also customize the gameplay with their own objectives and challenges. It's not just a game but a versatile framework for creative minds to explore and expand upon. With more projects promised in the future, "The Blob" sets the stage for imaginative game design and endless fun.

Space Shooter

Space Shooter by Aidan_Fire

"Space Shooter" by Aidan_Fire invites players into an exhilarating galactic battle where they pilot a colorful ship of their choice, blasting through endless waves of mundane grey enemy vessels. But beware, constant shooting depletes your energy (indicated by a triangle bar), so strategic pacing is key. Utilize your shield (oval bar) to protect your hull (rectangle bar), both of which regenerate over time.

The ultimate thrill comes when facing impending defeat—trigger a nuke to obliterate everything on screen. However, players may encounter lag issues over time, hindering gameplay. Aidan_Fire is diligently troubleshooting this setback before further progress can be made.

This game is a homage to Aidan_Fire's earlier creation on GamePress, revamped with even more intensity and excitement. Join the cosmic fray and prove your mettle in the vast expanse of space!

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of games made on hyperPad. From platformers and shooters to puzzles and simulations, hyperPad provides a platform for creators to unleash their imagination and bring their game ideas to life. So whether you're a player looking for new and exciting games to play or a budding game developer eager to create your own masterpiece, be sure to check out the creative wonders of hyperPad!

While these estimates provide a general idea of the player count for each game, it's essential to note that some games may have variations or additional modes that allow for more players to participate. Additionally, multiplayer features can often be added or expanded upon by the game's creator, depending on the capabilities of the platform and the design of the game.

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