Use hyperPad in your classroom!

Teach computer science and STEM skills by enabling your students to easily and quickly build great games

Educators Kit

Using hyperPad in your class? Our free educator’s kit provides you with two weeks of lessons and activities to start teaching your students STEM skills and the fundamentals of programming.

The road to becoming a Developer

To support education, hyperPad gives all of your students access to Developer features, enabling them to build the skills they need to becoming a professional app developer. This includes the ability to export student projects to the App Store!

Automatic Cloud Backups

Your students work is always kept safe in case of data loss and accidents. Each student receives 1 GB backup storage.

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Online Multiplayer & Networking

Take your projects online and connect to remote servers to create dynamic high scores, multiplayer games and more!

Linkable URLS

Open safari or a web view to display any website within your project.

HTTP Requests

Send and retrieve JSON data using HTTP requests. Perfect for high scores, user accounts, or connecting with 3rd party APIs.

Online Multiplayer

Use Socket.IO to bring your project online and create online multiplayer games and apps. Whether you’re creating the next hit shooter, or a chat app. Sockets are here for your realtime data connections.

Dark Color Theme

Give your eyes a break and switch to the cool sleep dark color scheme. The dark tones will let you enjoy hyperPad for longer periods without straining your eyes. Plus it looks really cool!

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Volume Pricing

Need hyperPad for your entire class or school? We’re happy to help you save money by offering volume pricing. For orders of 30 or more contact us and you can save up to 30%!

  • A Hub for your class

    Create a section on the hub just for your class. You can have complete control of the privacy so only your students can share, comment, and play each others projects.
    Contact us for pricing and more info.

  • Personalize your Hub

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need the hyperPad App?

    Yes. Each iPad must have hyperPad installed on it.

    Do you offer volume pricing?

    Yes. We take part in Apple's Education Volume Pricing program. You can learn more about it here. Our School/District plan are well suited for the volume pricing.

    Are there any resources to help get students started?

    Yes. hyperPad gives you access to the hyperPad shop which allows users to download free assets like characters, graphics, sounds and more. Additionally, there is the help manual to get students up and running.