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About hyperPad users

Hey there, hyperPad community! 🚀 Come meet some of the extraordinary hyperPad users who are changing the game in their communities.

Get ready to be inspired and amazed because we're about to introduce you to the real MVPs of hyperPad creativity and innovation. These amazing users have harnessed the power of our awesome app to make a positive impact that you won't believe!  🌍📱 

Buckle up, because we're about to take you on a thrilling journey through the incredible stories of these community changemakers. 🌟💡👏 So, let's dive right in and discover how we at hyperPad have been turning dreams into reality!

RobinsonX 🧑‍🍳

Meet RobinsonX - hyperPad’s superstar! We might have made the app but it is RobinsonX universe now. His amazing work was also recognized on Wealth of Geeks (2021).

RobinsonX has shown how he is a real tech wizard in the making. He is flipping the switch and turning heads with his electrifying energy! From thrilling app designs to jaw-dropping games, RobinsonX is the ultimate boss in our visual coding playground. But he’s not just playing around - he’s creating art and amazing games with hyperPad! Here are some of his 60 Hub posted projects:

  1. Pen Down - “Each player will get to draw at least once, while other players should guess what is being drawn to earn points. Player with the most points wins!”
  2. Bob’s Speedy Adventure - “Engage in a speedrun competition with other hyperPad users! Rank at the top on the global leaderboard and receive prizes from the hyperPad discord!”
  3. Hallowed - “Traps and obstacles were set to capture and trap.”
  4. Movember’s Journey - “Tap and slide in rhythm to his favorite music! There's no messing up, but try your best.”
  5. The Power of Music - “Four and Two are trying to get contestants onto their side. Each host will show their strength through music. Who will win the battle?”

You can play all of them for FREE on iPhone, iPad and Mac 1 chip laptops on hyperPad Viewer! It's all about having a blast and building dreams, one hyperPad project at a time. 

RobinsonX is all about teamwork and collaboration. He has helped create a wonderful virtual community on Discord with so many others who are also creating amazing projects. Like a gourmet chef in a digital kitchen, everyone on hyperPad is cooking something amazing! 

So, what is RobinsonX doing now? He’s one of our Interns at hyperPad! 🚀✨ He shares some of the updates on his YouTube channel with hyperPad tutorials and fun plays on hyperPad made games!

Hamish 🧙

Meet Hamish, the hyperPad sensation! 🌟 Hailing from Australia, Hamish - who is passionate about the environment and has autism - has been a relentless force of inspiration. He's the kid who refuses to be just a student; he's a tech trailblazer crafting apps that save the world! 🌍📱

Hamish is on a mission to change the game - leaving everyone in awe; from school to the global stage with his unstoppable drive and creativity. Questacon, Australia's National Science and Technology Centre, took notice and featured Hamish as a real-life hero in their "Apps Save the World" project. It’s amazing to know that Hamish was able to get started creating games at 10 years old with hyperPad. 

In an earlier interview with Uplifting Voices (n.d.) - Hamish shared how he created “LitterbugSmash, an app designed to save turtles and protect oceans” ahead of his invitation by the “US government to attend the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES)” - where he met (then President) Obama! 

He was also invited to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Silicon Valley where he met Ime Archibong from Facebook (now Meta) at the #FBStart program.

In another interview with Kebloom by Ellie McRae (2018), Hamish shared how he founded Moonshotindustries to address environmental problems and raise awareness about Autism. 

Hamish Finlayson's inspiring journey, as highlighted on the Valuing Children Initiative (2023), showcases a remarkable young leader dedicated to fostering positive change in the world. His unwavering commitment to driving innovation and inclusivity serves as a beacon of hope for youth worldwide. 

He is proof that age is just a number when it comes to making a massive impact with technology. 💥 But to see what Hamish has been up too more recently, watch hyperPad’s interview with Hamish!

Your Journey Continues…

It is truly inspiring and amazing to learn about these incredible stories and the impact they've made. From RobinsonX's electrifying creativity to Hamish's world-changing innovations, they've shown us that with hyperPad, dreams can become a reality. 🌍📱

Now it's your turn to shine, join us and be a part of this amazing community. Whether you're a budding game designer, a tech enthusiast, or an educator; hyperPad opens the door to a world of endless possibilities. Let's learn, create, and explore together! 🚀✨ Download hyperPad today and start turning your creative ideas into something extraordinary - just like RobinsonX and Hamish. 

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