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Release Date: 11th April 2024


Western GDS x hyperPad game tutorial

[Toronto, Ontario, April 5th] – hyperPad recently hosted an engaging Angry Birds game making tutorial for the Western Game Design Society. Led by Robinson, a dedicated hyperPad user-turned-intern with a decade of experience on the platform, this event offered valuable insights into game development. Despite Robinson's busy university schedule, the tutorial was held at 5:00 PM EST to accommodate his commitments.

The live stream, hosted on Welcome and broadcasted on YouTube, showcased Robinson's impressive skills. With no prior preparation, he demonstrated how to create an entire game from scratch using hyperPad's intuitive interface. By leveraging assets from the store and adding behaviors without code, Robinson illustrated the platform's accessibility and efficiency.

Throughout the tutorial, Krystal hyperPad's Marketing Coordinator provided helpful recommendations for customizing the game. This collaborative approach highlighted hyperPad's commitment to supporting users in their creative endeavors.

We encourage users to explore game development with hyperPad by remaking popular titles and sharing their experiences. If there are specific games you'd like to see recreated, please feel free to share your suggestions in the comments. Let's continue to inspire creativity and innovation in game design together!

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