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RXCodes embarked on his hyperPad journey as a devoted user of the app. Over the years, his dedication and drive propelled him to the position of ambassador, recognized for his leadership and unwavering passion for creating on hyperPad. Today, under the alias RobinsonX, he proudly holds the title of intern at hyperPad, marking another milestone in his remarkable journey.

In addition to his internship at hyperPad, RXCodes is pursuing a computer science degree at the University of Louisville. He attributes his early years spent on hyperPad as the catalyst for his decision to pursue a career in game development, a path he continues to tread with enthusiasm.

During our interview, RXCodes shared insights into his internship experience and showcased projects he's been diligently working on. Notably, he spearheaded the development of a groundbreaking feature for hyperPad, enabling users to seamlessly import and export their projects to popular cloud storage platforms—a feature in high demand among hyperPad's user base. Collaborating closely with the team and other users, RXCodes successfully brought this feature to life, demonstrating his technical prowess and dedication to enhancing the hyperPad experience.

Reflecting on his time at hyperPad, RXCodes spoke warmly of the supportive team culture and the invaluable knowledge he's gained from his colleagues.

"Everyone at hyperPad is so knowledgeable and willing to help (...) I feel like I've learned so much just from being around them and working on projects together."

Beyond his contributions to hyperPad's development, RXCodes has also assumed a leadership role within the hyperPad unofficial Discord community, further honing his skills and fostering connections within the hyperPad ecosystem.

RXCodes's journey at hyperPad is a testament to his dedication, ingenuity, and commitment to growth. As he continues to excel in his internship, we eagerly anticipate the future accomplishments he will undoubtedly achieve. For those inspired by his story, we invite you to delve deeper into RXCodes's experiences by watching the full interview on our YouTube channel. Let his journey serve as a beacon of inspiration, motivating you to engage with the hyperPad community and embark on your own creative endeavors. Join us today when you start connecting with us on social media.

Explore RXCodes profile to find his favorite hyperPad projects. Unleash your creativity, start crafting your own masterpiece when you download hyperPad from the App Store and embark on your creative journey today.

RXCodes viral Power of Music game

Snapshot of RXCodes Power of Music game, all made by him on hyperPad!

Since commencing his internship, RXCodes has made significant contributions to hyperPad while enriching his knowledge and skills. He has also assumed a leadership role within the hyperPad unofficial Discord community, supporting many other aspiring hyperPad creators! To date, RXCodes's internship experience has been enriching and fulfilling for everyone involved! He has set the stage for continued growth and success in his journey and we at hyperPad are excited to continue supporting his journey.

If you are a hyperPad user and are interested, do reach out to us at marketing@hyperPad.com

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