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It's Halloween day- a great time to be a ghost! Every year on this day, ghosts are freed from the chains of the afterlife, allowing them to roam the earth as they please. But among every ghost stands one that is incredibly unique. His soul is unlike any other, and while many respect him, there is one ghost who despises him. It is this resentment that causes this story, and this game to unfold.

You play as the unnamed ghost as he roams the earth on Halloween day, but you must be cautious! Ghosts are vulnerable, and will be sent back to the afterlife if damaged enough! This game is only a demo, and is subject to change. I'll be glad to take suggestions and ideas as well.


Last Updated: September 21, 2022



January 08, 2017

The animations and sprites are cool! If I may suggest, you should add sort of health system for the unnamed ghost since, and to quote, "[g]hosts are vulnerable and will be sent back to the afterlife if damaged enough!" Three segments of health should be enough to reach the boss, rather than running the risk of being KO'd in one hit. Thanks for reading this in advance.

January 01, 2017

I like the animations. One thing I would do, is have the controls on the bottom so it's easier to reach/use.

January 01, 2017

Nice smooth game and animations, but why is the joystick, jump and shoot buttons in the middle of the screen? Easier to use when they are down the bottom. Also some fights for me the last boss never gives me a chance to shoot at it, because it will never land, and I barely get to fire on it because of the shoot delay (have to wait for ghost animation, it looks cool but annoying to use), it's a bit annoying constantly restarting the level every time I reach the boss. Died about 10 times so far.

January 01, 2017

I enjoyed it and it looks great, but there're a few problems I have:

  • The trees in the foreground look like they are in the background when you first play, unless you pay attention to them. I'd suggest increasing their brightness/saturation to match the grass more.

  • The joystick wasn't obviously a joystick, I didn't know how to move for a few seconds because it blended in with the trees a bit. This is pretty minor though.

  • The buttons are too high. The jump and shoot buttons are at the middle rather than the bottom, which feels a bit awkward to hold. The joystick is also a bit too high, and the shoot button is a bit small too.

  • The boss feels way to hard for the first level. You should add an animation before he shoots so players know when that happens, and he should stay on the ground longer when he dives down, giving players more of a chance to shoot him. I only got one hit on him before dying, and the first few times I got none. Having to redo the level just to die at the boss repeatedly isn't fun. The rest of the level design was pretty good and a nice introductory level. Move the boss to way later in the game (at least 3 levels in).

January 01, 2017

Hey, haven't talked to you in a while! But sick game, I love the animations! The graphics look good, and the gameplay is there. You emailed me about this game, and I didn't think it was going to be this good already. That said, I think there's something wrong with the collisions. I got stuck somewhere becuase it wouldn't let me move. Maybe there's an empty object blocking the way somewhere?

January 01, 2017

Thanks! Sorry for not getting back in touch with you since our last conversation though... I've been gone for awhile with no internet at a relative's house.

I've been having a lot of collisions issues with the game lately, but I don't seem to recall any points (besides the boss battle) where the player gets stuck. Where did you see the issue?

January 01, 2017

Perhaps he's referring to the trees that could be mistaken to be in the background?

January 02, 2017

You're correct, it was the trees! The only problem is that when you're bumping into the trees, the player vibrates. Hopefully you can get around to fixing this.

January 02, 2017

Oooooohhhh XD that's what you meant. I didn't realize the trees were that hard to see. Also, the player is supposed to vibrate like that. It's a bit complicated, but let's just say that if I didn't have the player vibrate when against an object, you'd squish into it or clip through it XD .

January 01, 2017

Fun game! Only problem is if you miss one of the platforms that go up, you are stuck and can't restart the game.

January 01, 2017

Nice game love the music graphics are awesome but you should work on the collision physics.

January 01, 2017

Thanks! I definately need fix some of the collisions though; hyperpad's physics are hard to work with sometimes XD .

January 01, 2017

Happy New Year everyone :D ! To kick off 2017, here's the demo of my newest project: Afterworld !

I would love to hear your suggestions and ideas for the game, as it's only a demo. With that, have fun playing, and have a great day!