Help Make The Hub a Better Place

The Hub is a great place to share what you're working on, to learn, collaborate, and get new ideas. Just be sure to follow these simple rules to keep the hub clean and organized

Share something you’re proud of

Don’t share blank projects, or projects are too early in development. Sharing a work in progress, or test projects demonstrating some thing cool is ok, but a blank project is not that interesting.

Don’t be offensive

Don’t share projects which attack a specific person, or group of people. Avoid being mean or insulting to other users. No vulgar language, racist terms, or personally attacking other users or their projects.

Be constructive

When commenting on users projects, avoid negative comments with out giving constructive feedback to help make the project better.

No false information

Your description, screenshots, and icon must accurately represent your project.

Don't beg for attention

Don’t beg users to like your projects or follow you. Your goal should be to produce high quality content that will naturally lead to likes and followers.

Be mindful of asset licenses

Make sure you’re allowed to use the graphic, sounds, music, or other assets for your project.

No in-appropriate content

The hub is a place for everyone to share, collaborate and learn. Avoid posting content that is inappropriate and offensive. Try keep your content PG-13.

Report only when necessary

If you see a project or comment that does not follow these rules report it! Users who abuse the reporting system will be ignored, and banned.