Bluebirds- History and Management

Made by: SpectralAvesG5S


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NOTE: None of the images in this presentation are mine, and I do not own any of them. Most are stock photos pulled from Google images, and can be found there by conducting a simple image search.

The Eastern Bluebird was once a very plentiful species, and was found very commonly throughout the eastern United States. But today, the Eastern Bluebird's numbers are only about half of what they used to be... Even though their populations are declining, you can still help! Watch the presentation to find out how!

Hi everyone! This may be a big surprise to some of you, considering my dedication to BackTrack. But today, I thought I'de put out something extra special! After all, it's my birthday today :D.

This project was made over the course of many weeks while I was participating in an internship program at my (former) school. My goal for the internship was to research, build, and mount the best possible Bluebird houses I could find around the school's property. But unfortunately, I was cut short by weather issues, and the copious amounts of other work I had during the time... This presentation was going to be the last step in the project; spread the word. I never even got the chance to finish it...

But even though I could not share it with the school, I can still share it with all of you :) . I hope you enjoy the presentation, and I hope you consider building the included house design so you can help out your own resident Bluebirds :D.

Enjoy, and have a fantastic day!


Last Updated: September 21, 2022



June 08, 2016

Wow, definitely very cool! Happy birthday!

June 08, 2016

Very cool! Happy birthday!

June 08, 2016

Just had a chance to check this out. Very cool use of hyperPad. Nice to some some presentations made with it :). Good use of the tools at hand, keeps the topic interesting and engaging.

June 08, 2016

Please add screenshots. It's a rule of the hub.

Also, it's just generally a good idea. You have 2 chances to impress users and make then play your game. First is the icon, next is the screenshot. You should be spending a lot of time thinking about these to things. They are just as important as the project them self.

June 08, 2016

Also Happy Birthday :).

June 08, 2016

Thanks so much :D .

In hindsight, I probably should've taken screenshots before even thinking about uploading it XD. But I will update it as soon as I can!

June 08, 2016

I apologize for the lack or screenshots... I had forgotten to take any before uploading...

If anyone wants screenshots, just tell me in the comments and I will update the project as soon as I can.