Made by: PixelGamer26


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You are a tiny square. Dodge spikes and jump on platforms as the world gets faster and faster.

• Simple Gameplay
• Colorful Themes
• Select Characters


Last Updated: March 08, 2020

~The Gameplay Update~
•Added new characters
•Slight improvements to physics
•Platforms no longer move you
•Temporary change to "Sakura" theme
•Flipping animation
•Faster flips



March 10, 2020

I liked this new update, really feels like it’s growing. But the way the cube go through walls is weird, I can literally pass through walls sometimes. And I didn’t understand why I died when I hit the border of the movable platform. There is also bugs when the Text Animations don’t go back to theirs original states, so I had weird stretch text and it won’t even do any animations. Besides that, it’s cool! Well done!

March 09, 2020

Nice update! Some bugs that I found are the text being stretched (when it is not being touched) and somehow dying on the platforms (even when landing correctly).

Overall, I like the new changes to the gameplay and it really improved the project! Great work!

February 28, 2020

Nice game. Simple, cool themes, and absolutely no lag!!!! - Rated by Withered

February 19, 2020

This is super cool! I think that the middle platforms maybe shouldn’t push you around. They could serve as a way to give the game more depth as you could use them to quickly dodge spikes while staying on one side of the screen.

And I would make the gravity flip more quick and instananeous. It’s always nice to make the player feel like they’re in control, and it could make for faster-paced dodging as the game progresses.

Also platforms with spikes on only one side could be neat. I’ll shut up now, excellent game!

February 19, 2020

Woah it is very well done! Transitions and Animations are really good, I loved it! Even the music in gameplay, I really liked the vibe of it. Everything is really good for me, just the gameplay sometimes that can be even to simple or extremely hard.

We cannot overcome what is coming next. So maybe you could make a sort of Tetris things on each side and tell what will come next! I would also like more animations in gameplay like a rotate animation when the player change gravity ;)

Really great game!

February 15, 2020

Liking this game! 👍 The concept is very simple and fun and the gameplay is easy to grasp. The bouncy and elasticy transitions from the buttons look cool and the music is decent.

The gameplay can get a little difficult and sometimes weird. The player goes deep into the ground when landing, which looks weird. I recommend increasing physics iterations. (In the global options) In some cases, platforms can take you too far to one side and no platforms take you back, and you can't see what is coming. Despite all of this, the game is awesome! 😄