Super trucker

Made by: Hakan developer


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It has been long time since I last uploaded a game here.Although I made some other games,I didnt think they are worth uploading here.
I think this one is one of my best so far.I’d be happy if you play and give me some advice before I release it on appstore this week.
I have some questions in my whether I should speed up the truck a bit more or change some of the backgrounds?


Last Updated: September 21, 2022



December 14, 2019

Love this!

March 05, 2019

fantastic game. Definitely the on of best on the hub

March 06, 2019

Thanks for playing!

February 14, 2019

I think this is my favourite game you've created so far! I love the truck physics, it feels like it really has a suspension. Some feedback:

  • The truck sound is kind of repetitive. I feel like you trying to simulate the truck shifting gears, so the sound goes up, hen starts over. This works in theory. But the problem is, it happens too often, and also there is a moment where it's quiet. I almost feel like there should be another sound effect playing that is like an idling engine noise. this way, when the revving engine stops to loop, you still hear something.
  • On the topic of sound, It'd be nice to have a sound effect when the objects fall into the trunk, and also when they fall out and hit the ground.
  • I suggest testing the game on the iPad pro aspect ratio. Some of the content you don't want visible shows up on the side (this is noticeable a lot on the main menu)
  • For the finish screen, I'd make some sort of effect for the stars. It's not very satisfying right now. For example, if you get 3 stars, start it with 0, then have each star come in with some sort of effect. Makes me feel like I've accomplished something.

Otherwise this is fantastic :)

February 14, 2019

Thanks for your feedbacks Murtaza.I am happy that you like the game.I also think that the physics settings and the suspension are best parts of this game. I checked with ipad pro and I realised that I didnt test it for ipad pro there is a big problem about main menu but this will have to wait until next update. For finish screen setting I think you mean the setting I made for my zombie sniper game,it will be easy to set up for me and I agree that sounds better and more effective I will also look into your advices about sound effects. Thanks for playing!

February 05, 2019

Good job mabey you should increase the speed though

February 06, 2019

Thanks for playing! I am about to release it on appstore like this I might make changes for next update considering player statics.

January 27, 2019

Truck speed feels fine, maybe you could very slightly increase it's acceleration but I think it's already pretty good. Some other suggestions though, maybe make it a little harder by needing 100% of the cargo delivered to get 3 stars? I found it impossible in the first level to actually lose lol. Also just for some more polish, hide that 3 star screen I get every time I open the game that shows for a moment then disappears, and you could add some extra effects to how many stars I get when a level is finished.

January 27, 2019

Thanks for your feedbacks Aidan.the stars appear as result of poor device performance they dont appear on my ipad pro but appear on my iphone 6 I think I should place an image over all levels.I keep the first levels easy as I experienced so far people dont like hard games but if you reach military episode there the tracks are quite long and some levels require more than %80.Good to hear that you like truck speed.