Cube throw

Made by: Robert24sss indie


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Cube throw is a game where you throw the cube to the other smaller cube every time you hit the smaller cube you move on to the next level. There are a total of 23 levels. There will be more on the way. Touch the small square and it will reset you back to the starting point of where the big block starts from it will remove one life if you do so. Touch it if you are stuck. Tap the red arrow to open and close it.


Last Updated: May 15, 2019

Added five new levels they are a little bit difficult but can be finished quickly
Added a change to the main menu it well now launch you to the first level to start



August 15, 2017

Nice game! Simple but addictive.. Some things I noticed: - After flicking it, I can actually stop the cube in mid air by holding it (sometimes allowing me to drag it back to the starting point) - I occasionally get the cube stuck leaving me no choice but to quit (awkward moment) - When I'm out of lives and it's game over, it just restarts the last level again (shouldn't it go to level 1?)

August 15, 2017

Yes it Should go to level one after you get game over I will fix that

August 14, 2017

Not bad, but I don't like the drag and drop physics, although that is partly a hyperpad thing.

August 14, 2017

I like this. It's one of those crusted games that you can't stop playing.

Some additions to make it more interesting : - add a retry count. So the player can try to do it in as few tries as possible.

  • Maybe incorporate the retry counter into a high score type thing so it saves it from your last play.

  • some additional goals. While the main goal should be get to the other square, you can have a side mission for each level. Eg. Collect stars or a special item.

  • sound effects! Some simple thuds and noises as your square bumps into things, or the level restarts etc.

  • music! Needs some music :)