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BlockHeads is a game where the player attempts to survive as long as possible. Pick up weapons, medkits, ammo and more to help you on your adventure.

This is an early version so please leave feedback in the comments πŸ˜€.


Last Updated: September 21, 2022

New Weapons!
- Fight the wave with the new Common Bow!

- New community skins available now in store!

Vehicle Wraps
- Wrap your vehicle with a new wrap found exclusively in the Spin & Win mini game!
- 2 Free wraps have been added to your locker if you win the wrap on Spin & Win, check them out now!

- New Gravity Potion available now through zombie drops!



March 07, 2021

@RobinsonX Thanks for the feedback! I still need to take a look into the lag issue, I think I have a solution that I can manage in time for the next update.

March 07, 2021

@MilkDev Thanks for the comment, I’ll look into this and have it fixed for the next update!

March 07, 2021

@BD Studios By Spamming The Button to get in the car

March 06, 2021

Awesome update! I love the graphics and music -- fits very well!

One thing: There's still a lag spike in between waves though..

February 28, 2021

@BrayDog studios Great! Would you mind telling me what iPad model you have because I experience crashes a lot on this project too especially while testing it. I am working on fixing it but I have not found a suitable solution yet.

February 27, 2021

@BrayDog studios Nevermind it works now!

February 27, 2021

I wanna play it so bad! But when I click play it zooms In on the character and then hyperPad crashes... πŸ˜ͺ

February 27, 2021

@MilkDev How did this happen?

February 27, 2021

I found a bug which made me stuck in the car

February 14, 2021

@RobinsonX thanks for the feedback! I haven’t experienced the supply drop issue yet but I’ll look into it and the airplane glitch will be fixed in the next update!

February 14, 2021

I love the concept! Well done for a beta prototype! πŸ‘

I found some bugs: Supply drops can get stuck under the ground and airplane can be invisible at some point.

February 14, 2021

@LinkoGames no problem, I think it may have something to do with picking up a weapon while having 0 ammo at the same time may glitch it. I will try and fix this for the next update!

February 14, 2021

@BD Studios I seem to remember interacting with the wall a lot when it happened, so that might have something to do with it? Sorry I can’t be more helpful! πŸ˜…

February 14, 2021

@LinkoGames Thanks for the feedback! Was there any specific time when the ammo started going into negative numbers or did it happen randomly?

February 13, 2021

I like it! It was fun exploring the map and trying out the different weapons. Though after a bit, the ammo counter started going into negative numbers and I could shoot infinitely. πŸ˜… Looking forward to where the project goes!