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Unlimited App Store Publishing

As a Developer, you can export your hyperPad creations as Xcode projects then submit to the App store.
* An Apple Developer Membership and Mac computer are required to submit to the App Store. To learn more about the Apple App Store, click here

Native iPad Apps

Export and compile as native iPad apps to take full advtange of device hardware for maximum performance

Code When You Need It

With an Xcode project in your hands, use Objective-C or Swift along with our APIs to manipulate objects in your scene. You also have access to the complete source code for the Cocos2D Graphics engine.

Royalty Free

Publish to the App Store with your own Apple Developer account. You can charge what you want, and never pay us any royalties.

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Monetize With Ads

Earn money using iAds or Google Admob. Without writing a single line of code, include banner ads, or full screen interstitial ads like videos.

Popular Ad Networks

Integrate with the most popular and high paying ad networks. hyperPad currently supports Apple iAds, and Google AdMob, with more networks coming soon.

Multiple Ad Types

Choose the ad type that suites your project. Other it’s banner adds, fullscreen ads, or both. hyperPad gives you the control you need with out any coding, just connect with your ad network and let hyperPad do the rest.

Events When Viewed

Know when your users view the ads in your app. Earn more money by using our behavior system to create rewards, or incentives based on users viewing advertisements.

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Online Multiplayer & Networking

Take your projects online and connect to remote servers to create dynamic high scores, multiplayer games and more!

Linkable URLS

Open safari or a web view to display any website within your project.

HTTP Requests

Send and retrieve JSON data using HTTP requests. Perfect for high scores, user accounts, or connecting with 3rd party APIs.

Online Multiplayer

Use Socket.IO to bring your project online and create online multiplayer games and apps. Whether you’re creating the next hit shooter, or a chat app. Sockets are here for your realtime data connections.

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Google Analytics Tracking

Track how people are using your app by adding your Google Analytics tracking ID. Automatically track the progress between scenes, or create custom events to track specific points in your project.

Custom Events

Trigger events to track specific moments in your project. See how often users tap a button, reach a level, or beat an enemy.

Automatic Tracking

Just by entering your analytics ID, hyperPad tracks the progress between scenes. With out writing a single line of code, you can see which scene is the most popular, or if users are actually progressing through all your scenes.

Google Analytics Dashboard

View all your data on Google’s powerful dashboard. View data based on time, date, region, device and more. You can even see realtime usage!

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A Developer in The Hub

As a developer, you get an enhanced hyperPad Hub Experience. You have access to custom avatars, unlimited messages, profile personalization, custom project pages and more.

Closed Source Projects

Protect the projects you share to the Hub so others can’t branch them. Making your project non-branchable means that you’re the only one who can ever edit your project. This makes for a great way to get feedback for a project you intend to publish to the App Store.

Custom Landing Page Coming Soon

Turn your hyperPad Hub project page into a website dedicated to your App. Customize the look and features to suite your app.

Automatic Press-Kit Coming Soon

Automatically generate a press-kit from your hyperPad Hub page. Include icons, screenshots, your app’s description and other relevant information like price, contact information, and genre. hyperPad makes it easy to get your app noticed!

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Dark Color Theme

Give your eyes a break and switch to the cool sleep dark color scheme. The dark tones will let you enjoy hyperPad for longer periods without straining your eyes. Plus it looks really cool!

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Priority Support

Got a technical question about your project? Developers get priority technical support and a response within 24 hours. Whether you’re stuck on a problem, or have no idea how a certain feature works, we’re here to help. As a Developer user, you’re also entitled to 2 scheduled phone support calls, or Skype sessions.

Automatic Cloud Backups & Version Control

As a developer user your work is always kept safe in case of data loss and accidents. You receive 10GB backup storage, and your projects are automatically backed up each time you save and quit. Made a mistake, or added something that didn’t work out since your last back up? No need to worry, you can restore to any previous version with a tap of a button.

hyperPad Teams
Coming Soon

Want to create a project with other hyperPad users? Create a team and invite other hyperPad users to collaborate. You get a private section on the hub just for your team where you can share and edit versions created by team members. It’s a small private hub for you and your team members. As a Developer tier user, you can invite up to 3 contributing team members.

Personalize your Hub

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I cancel my Developer subscription?

Cancelling your Developer subscription will revert you back to a “Basic” account. You will not be able to access any of the additional app features, or take advantage of the Developer only perks in the hyperPad Hub. Keep in mind, that cancelling your account does not affect any existing version of a project shared to the hub, only new uploads. Any app in the App Store will not be affected.

Can I set my own price for my app in the App Store?

Yes! Since you submit the app under your own Apple Developer License, you handle all the pricing your self. You can choose what ever you feel is fair for your app.

Who owns my content?

You do. You own everything you create, all we ask is you let us tell the world about your awesome projects and share your screenshots on our site, blogs, newsletters, and ads.

Can I update my App in the App Store?

Yes you can. All you have to do is export your updated project from hyperPad, compile it with Xcode and submit it to iTunes Connect. If you made any changes to your original Xcode project, you will have to make them again.

Other than a Developer Subscription, what else do I need to get my App in the App Store?

You will need a valid Apple Developer License to have your app live in the App Store, and a Mac computer running the latest version of OS X and Xcode to submit the App to Apple. We’re currently working on a solution so you no longer need a Mac.

I don’t want my App in the App store, only on my iPads Home Screen. Do I still need a Developer account?

You will still require a Developer subscription, and a current Mac computer.

I don’t have a Mac what can I do?

You do need a mac to compile and submit your app to Apple. We are currently working on a solution to eliminate the need for a mac, but if you’re in a rush, contact us and we’ll come up with a solution.

Do I need to pay hyperPad any royalties

No, you don’t need to pay us any more money. We don’t take any of your hard earned money, it’s all yours.