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Tap anywhere to jump. Pickup the shells. Watch out for holes. My levels are as short as my sentences. 😔
Anyway.. Just umm.. Leave me your comments on this.


Last Updated: August 15, 2017

- added levels 4 and 5
- added collected shell score
- fixed ground issue where player would topple



August 11, 2017

My first dislike 💔

August 08, 2017

Music and sound effects are a really nice touch! Nice progress.

August 06, 2017

(: Awesome, but some collision boxes are weird, I would fall in some holes when I clearly made it.

August 04, 2017

Great artwork and animations. You can make an infinite runner with random generation to make it more variable. Add more obstacles, like some platforms, different enemies, power-ups, you can even make different krabbies with different abilities. Also it's possible to add boss-fights. And also you can add something unique to make this game special (I currently have no idea what though). This game does have potential, you should improve it, seriously!

August 03, 2017

Nice animations,good gameplay I think this is worth developing more levels.It may be an addicting game if you can add some more graphics like enemies or some kind of barriers.I didnt like the sand that is like a cloud on the ground it doesnt look natural.

August 03, 2017

Got a chance to play it. As usual, great level of polish and beautiful artwork and animations! I'd really like to see you finish this one as I think it has a lot of potential! It has a certain charm and simplicity to it that I think would be super fun and could be pretty successful!

Obviously needs more gameplay/replay value but I think it's a great start!

August 02, 2017

Amazing graphics and an overall amazing game, well done!

August 01, 2017

Looks great. But unfortunately I'm getting error loading project.

Can you try uploading again, and make sure you have enough free space on your iPad and a stable connection.