Covfefe Run

Made by: LulaBay indie


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A fun way to help you get through the current political climate. An endless runner where you can be Jonald T Dump or Rosie McRealnews. Get past the “fake news” or the “MACA Zombies” to collect as many “contributions” or protest funds as possible.


Last Updated: September 17, 2018

- Added the ability for user to use either side of the screen to jump
- Made the jump boxes bigger
- Fixed a problem where the red head would not be destroyed when she was supposed to



October 08, 2018

Dis good

September 05, 2018


September 03, 2018

All great input. Thank you all I’ll keep working to improve it.

September 03, 2018

This is amazing... XD It's just funny. :3

September 02, 2018

I like the concept and the trump character is very funny, has a great artistic style and animation.

Gameplay wise, it’s a good start but needs refinement.

  • it wasn’t clear to me that pressing and holding jump would cause me to jump higher. This also seems to be limitless, I’d reduce the max height possible to jump.

  • I would probably start with something easier to jump over than a truck. Especially since it’s not clear that you can double jump by holding.

  • the rate that obsticals are created is very inconsistent. Sometimes there are long stretches of nothing, other times it’s impossible to win. I’d be okay with the delay here. Maybe make it so certain obsticalndont spawn right after each other. Like the running kid coming right after the truck makes it very very hard to pass. To the point where it’s not fun.

It has potential and definitely clever. Just needs some refinement.

September 03, 2018

Murtaza, there is no Trump in the game. There is a bit similiar to him dude Jonald T Dump - but hey, 'any similarities are unintentional', right?

September 02, 2018

How do you even jump over the truck? And wayyyyy too many ads!

September 02, 2018

It’s intended to be a challenge. And I do appreciate the input thank you.

September 03, 2018

I didn’t realize you had to hold. Agree with @Murtaza, you have to make it more obvious. Also, good job decreasing ads. I gave you a thumbs up.