Survival Evolved

Made by: CodingPhoenixTM


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The apocalypse, has begun! In this game you have to find guns, unlock secrets, and eventually, ESCAPE! You only have one life, use it wisely. Try to survive, and escape, in... Survival Evolved!

- The score currently has no function. I'm sorry, but I bet you can't wait until abilities arrive! Wait, noooooo I spoiled it. Hmm


Last Updated: September 21, 2022



- Fixed the position of the score
- Tweaked up the secrets
- Moved some stuff


- A new section, About, that tells you information like gun stats, versions and more!
- Better Zombie UI

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed up a bug when you shoot the brown block
- Repositioned some particles
- Fixed a bit of lag




April 29, 2016

It's getting repetitive to have to redownload the game every time I die

February 08, 2016

New update coming soon with a new level, fixes, and mabye abilities, hehe :)

February 08, 2016

I know that, my screenshots are too large, I can't do anything about it!

February 08, 2016

Are you using an iPad Pro? There is currently a bug int he hub where it will not accept the iPad Pro resolution. But screenshots taken from any other iPad should work fine.

There are apps in the App store that can be used to resize your images.

February 08, 2016

No, I am using an iPad mini 2. If I take a normal screenshot, it, for the screenshots, takes up too much, and for the icons, is not the right size.

February 08, 2016

What do you mean it takes up too much? Do you mean it fills up your iPad storage? You can delete it after sharing to the hub. For icon it is not the right size. Icons need to be 1024x1024 pixles. We don't want users to simply take a screenshot and upload that as an icon. You should be thinking about your icons as much as you do about your game. For icons, we also set the same restriction Apple did with the App Store.

Remember, the first thing anyone sees is your icon. If you don't have a good icon people are unlikely to tap it and view the game. Then from there, they look at the screenshots. If the screenshots are not good, then people are unlikely to play the game. If you want people to play your games, and even follow you, then you really need to start doing this.

Also, I'm going to start enforcing the icon/screenshot rule soon. This project is likely to be removed from the hub if you don't update it with proper screenshots.

February 07, 2016

Can I have a restart button?

February 07, 2016

I'm sorry for the lack of screenshots. The size of the photo was too large :/

February 07, 2016

Please take proper screen shots as soon as possible. We're trying to maintain a certain level of quality, and set of expectations for users. If a user selects a proeject we want them to know they're going to see screenshots of a game and can make judgments to play based on that.

Proper screenshots will also help make your game more popular, and likely get more plays. Honestly, you should be spending a lot of time on your icon, screenshots and descriptions. If it doesn't take at least a few hours, you're probably doing it wrong.