Beyond Beta

Made by: RobinsonX


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Yep, another Minecrafty game of mine!🤷‍♂️

Couldn't resist to make a new version. This project is a beta, it is extremely laggy. I'm hoping the bitmap feature could help with this.

Here's what it has currently:
- Generate a large world from a seed (around +50k blocks)
- Digging & mining, unfortunately no building yet
- Ambience with little music

Soon, if this becomes playable and popular, the ability to save worlds and multiplayer may become a thing.


Last Updated: September 21, 2022

+ Spiced up underground generation, introducing andesite and oil ore.
+ Added sound to leaf blocks.
+ Added underground ambience.



January 20, 2020

Add a way to teleport back to spawn. I jumped off a cliff and fell through the floor cause it didn't load in time :P

January 20, 2020

And now I don't wanna restart cause world took 5 minutes to load

January 15, 2020

Wow, really amazing the way the world is generating! I got the opportunity to play it with the discord link so I even saw when the world generates. I really love the ambiance, the music, the sound effect and even the little detail that the far your from the block you’re gonna break, the less you’re gonna hear it. Seems like nothing but really makes a difference. But I couldn’t really play well with the two joystick and tap the screen format, it was a bit off surely with the fact that the anchor of the right joystick is centered by the center of the player, nearly stomach, unless of the head. The break system is not finished I could tell, in this version it seems like we are destroying blocks xD Actually funny. Oh and little bug that I may think you are aware of, when you stand still and you break block under you, you won’t fall. That was a great project! Keep it up!

January 09, 2020

Had a chance to check this out. Really nice so far. I like the overall feel and atmosphere you created.

But I’m not totally convinced about the digging/mining controls. It feels clunky. That being said the implementation is really cool, I like how you handle the distance and highlight the block. But it just doesn’t feel good.

Sounds and music work great together.