Ultimate Not Custom Night

Made by: SonicKid7


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UNCN 2 is now out! Go give it a go if you like this game!

If you want to attempt 15/20 Mode, please branch the project and play it through the editor because it’s literally impossible through playing it normally due to all the things that can cause a crash.

Welcome to a mashup of some of my past projects, this game includes:
- 16 NOT customisable Characters. (Because HyperPad can’t handle too much coding :/) + 6 Extra Characters!
- 8 Themed Challenges!
- A “How to play” Menu for beginners!
- An Extras Menu!
- 15/20 Mode! (May crash a lot on certain devices.)
- SecretUser01, the character spawner!

I hope y’all enjoy this one, because I now understand why you didn’t enjoy either Baldis Basics 8/20 Mode Games. This still may not be the best game, but it’s the best I can do. (For now.)

Let me know of any problems/bugs, ok?


Last Updated: May 27, 2019

Update 1.2, The UNCN 2 Launch Update:

- Added UNCN 2 in the Other Games section of the Extras.
- Updated the games description.



February 24, 2020

Hi sonic kid7 I know we haven’t talked in a while I figured a much easier way to make the game it’s technically still in progress and the jumpscare is good well except for the last one.

July 22, 2019

Thank you for you help

July 23, 2019

You’re welcome, I don’t usually help people with making games (Since I just do this for fun.) but for you I made an exception cuz I know a lot of other people are gonna ask this too. Have fun making your game!

July 22, 2019

Ok I already branched it

July 21, 2019

Hey how do you make a game like fnaf I’ve been searching tutorials but non of them helped can you please help me

July 22, 2019

Here’s what I usually do for a character AI: Every (put whatever number here) seconds. Random number, 1 to 2 If number = 1 (Play Sound or change graphic for the camera, etc.) After 5 seconds Load scene - Jumpscare If it’s a door character, have the door disable the characters jumpscare, so in this case, the code would be: Behaviour off - load scene - jumpscare If it’s a mask, basically do the same thing. That’s all I can think of right now to help ya.

July 22, 2019

If this didn’t help, have a look at the games coding by branching it. I think you’ll get the idea of how I do it.

July 15, 2019

This game is amazing, but personally I think it is impossible. H.I.M and Pumpkin Man are a bit too overpowered; leaving not enough time to get through to the other characters. but to be honest, this game is amazing, and i think you did a great job.

July 16, 2019

Thanks for playing! For H.I.M and Pumpkin Man, you just gotta be quick. H.I.M is a little bit bugged though, so I apologise for not fixing him earlier in development. Basically just check the camera and wind up the power every 6 seconds or so. Whenever you check the Power Room, pay attention to the jack-o-lantern on the desk, if it’s a regular pumpkin, that’s when you have to re-light it. You have about 8 seconds to deal with Pumpkin Man when he spawns and you have about 3 seconds to swipe in the appropriate direction for H.I.M. Let me know if this helped, if not, I’ll just nerf them.

April 07, 2019

Lol I'm pretty bad at this, I don't really like FNAF type games and never play them. But quite a few FNAF games that mostly don't work go to the Hub, so here's a like because yours actually works and it's a bit unique (though idk how to use it well because I just die super early, maybe I should've read how to play a bit more closely 😛). What do you mean not custom characters? You have a bunch of characters that do different stuff is that not custom? How much code your iPad can handle in hyperPad depends on your iPad and how efficiently you do your coding. Took me a while to learn how to code my games so they were less laggy.

April 08, 2019

The title of the game says it all. You can’t actuallly customise the AI difficulties of the characters (0-20), but I do understand that since there are quite a lot of presets, then I guess it’s custom in THAT way. Also, if you want to know some tips and tricks about the characters or how to play, come to me. I’ll always be willing to give help to people who struggle with my games. (Also, have you tried 15/20 Mode? If so, what’s your record? I’m DYING to know! x3)

April 08, 2019

P.S My iPad is just garbage and can’t handle certain stuff, which was why SonicKid7 Night was cancelled. Also, you can look at what the characters do by tapping on them in the menu screen.

April 08, 2019

I'll bet my iPad is more garbage. 5 year old iPad Air. I survived less than 1 "hour" (as in it never ticked over" but that's because I put no effort in because I personally don't really like these types of games (I played it because I like to help give feedback to games on the Hub when I can). I played 15/20 mode because I couldn't find any option to play a different mode.

April 08, 2019

To play another mode, all you have to do is tap on “Challenges” which is directly underneath “How to play”, but if you don’t want to do anything else with this game then that’s perfectly understood. Cheers for the feedback.