Sausage Escape

Made by: Miniwolfen developer


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A quick game I built for a collage interview. May add more levels in future!

Play as Phillip the sausage and escape from the wrath of the evil chef Stew-Pid as you traverse through knives, forks and spoons trying to keep your death count low. Fight the chef's evil dog Weenie and enjoy the smooth jazz soundtrack.


Last Updated: December 07, 2018

Improved the controls and made them less floaty and overall meaning less sliding and skating and more precise movement.



December 07, 2018

Finally had a chance to play this. I like the artwork and animations. It has a unique style, like some older squiggly line drawn cartoons. I think the concept is cool, and I know you only created this for your interview, but if you we to continue it could be a fun physics puzzle type game.

My main complaint is the feeling of the controls. Sometimes when you let go the character continue so slide, as if on ice. Also, There are a few times where I couldn't move left at all it kept sliding right. I think if you tighten up the controls and work on the overall feeling, it could be a fun game (with more level and puzzles obviously)

December 07, 2018

I have been experimenting and tinkering with the controls and I don't know what it is about them. If it's the speed or the movement over all. I did add extra friction but I felt no change. I changed the speed of the movement but it felt a bit stiff

December 07, 2018

Fixed the controls and made it more balanced so you can move any direction rather than it pushing you towards the left all of the time

December 08, 2018

For friction. Make sure both objects have a value. Eg. the ground can’t be zero and player be 10. They both need some sort of value.

December 06, 2018

@Murtaza Hey. In future we can talk about questions and writing a blog/interview in the near future once your hand has healed up. I messed the hyper pad team on Facebook regarding my interview and i dont know weather i was talking to you or one of your other team members.I currently am only aware though of you and Hamed who i think deals with issues such as logic and fixing broken games from what i can recall. Showed off my game and they said they were very impressed and i just need to get the grades needed to enter the collage course. They were also fascinated by me being able to export a game onto the Apple App Store with Hyperpad and i think if i can get a game out on the store it will make getting into the course a lot easier. I heard that if you can produce and show them something really impressive you can still get onto the level 3 course even without the grades needed. If i fail my exams or dont get the grades needed i may have to retake my exams and do a level 2 course in digital content creation

December 07, 2018

You were speaking to both Hamed and my self. Usually a technical question gets passed on to Hamed if it's not something I can help with :)

Glad your interview went wall. Good luck, hope you get in!

December 05, 2018

I'm hoping this is well received during the interview. The gameplay isn't perfect for now but it should work for now. Art and animation needed the most attention to detail as graphics are a weakness for me