Baldis Basics In 8-20 Mode 2

Made by: SonicKid7 indie


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Welp, here it is folks. Since the first one did TERRIBLY AWFUL, I decided to make a sequel and here it is!

New features:
- A new mechanic to learn for almost everyone!
- New Challengers!
And finally, hard as hell gameplay! >:D

Good luck!


Last Updated: November 04, 2018

- Updated CDY’s sound effect for 8/20 Mode, it’s now faster and lower pitched.
- Fixed a problem where you would get regular 8/20 Mode’s cutscene for beating Classic 8/20 Mode. Now both modes should have their own cutscenes upon completion.



January 13, 2019

Good news everyone! Both games in the original trilogy no longer work properly and are legitimately impossible now because of the new update from a couple of months ago, Yay! In all honesty, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with this series orginally, then decided that it would be nothing but a total joke later. So that means, yes, it was originally intended to be an actual legitimate fangame but I’m glad that it wasn’t in the end. Why? Well...just look at both games and you’ll see what I mean. Poor gameplay, terrible use of Baldis Basics graphics, no replayablility because literally every Mode was too hard and let’s not forget the AWFUL voice acting from myself in the first one that was so dreadful that I had to replace them with audio from the actual Baldis Basics. So basically, the message I’m trying to convey here is DONT play either of the games, regardless of whether they work or not. I’ll try to make some better stuff in the future, I might make one more game but it’s very unlikely, apart from that, please enjoy my future projects, peace.

February 17, 2019

And now they are playable again nooooo....

October 24, 2018

In general, these types of games do not get a lot of likes or attention. What makes games like Five Nights at freddy compelling is ht atmosphere they build. They do this with great graphics, sounds and story telling. With out these, the jump scare games are very difficult to keep people interested. This is why it's actually really hard to make one of these games as a solo person. Not so much the logic and behaviours, as they are relatively easy. It's the extra polish that takes a lot of time, effort and skill.

If I were you, I'd focus on something a bit easier to create. Something that doesn't rely so much on graphics. Try to focus on a unique gameplay element that would be really fun even with just random shapes.

With game creation, graphics are often the part that really draws the users attention (since it's what they can see right away). If you're not an amazing artist, your challenge is making a fun game that also looks fun with out fancy graphics. Take a look at some of the top games in the App Store. You can see a few games that are fun and addicting but don't have fancy graphics. For example there is a game called Rise Up. Visually, it's really simple. It's just a white ballon and some white shapes. But the colours are nice, and the game play feels nice. Learn from these simple appearing games and create something awesome. I'm sure you can do it! :)

October 27, 2018

Hmm, I think I have some ideas already in mind...

October 22, 2018

You know what? WHY DO I EVEN MAKE GAMES FOR YOU GUYS?! You always keep disliking them regardless of my effort. Ok then, fine, if that’s how you all want to play, then sure...I’ll make ‘Better Games’...

October 27, 2018

I think its because there are a lot of games like this one on the hub and they don't really stand out that much, it also could be because original games stand out a lot more than recreations despite the quality of the game itself. I have made Mario recreations and spent a lot of time on them however they didn't gain much attention as they were not original they were just the same as many other projects created by other people. I would recommend thinking about an original idea and taking most of your time to developing that project. I usually just skip over these projects on the hub but since you obviously are unsatisfied with the feedback on your game i decided to comment. This isn't supposed to be a criticism by any means i just wanted to explain that people aren't necessarily disliking your games because they are bad but because of the amount of similar games or unoriginal content on the hub. I recommend taking to the forums to ask the players and users of hyperPad to see what content they would like to see.

October 28, 2018

It’s ok, I think I have some ideas for original content.

October 21, 2018

One dislike already, honestly not even surprised. You people can’t respect me when I actually take my time to do this. In fact, y’all are probably just playing 8/20 Mode once then just quitting because “It’s Impossible.” Then don’t even bother playing 8/20 Mode and play another mode in the game! SIMPLE, PROBLEM SOLVED!!!

October 21, 2018

Now looking at the game just a few minutes after writing this comment, I’ve finally noticed this game’s weakness. INSTRUCTIONS, what to do. I’ll make an update later today that puts the instructions in the “Sort Of Custom Night” menu, fixes typos in the instructions and makes the instructions more clear.