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Dashermyte is a Geometry dash fan-game, NOT A RIPOFF. If you feel some elements to it a are to close to geometry dash let me know and I will change them.

Current stage (Alpha, Beta, stable but still updating, complete): beta

Amount of gamemodes: 2

Music by Waterflame and xullor: https://waterflame.newgrounds.com
Titlescreen music by me

And here is to show that I can use Waterflame's music: http://www.waterflamemusic.com/using-my-tracks

Tracks used:
Stalker - waterflame
Final Battle - waterflame


Last Updated: February 11, 2017

This is manly an update to show that I am not dead, because I realize it's been 17-26 days I haven't worked on this, so not much is added. Though, some levels, like birth of the sun, have faster obstacles. But birth of the sun is really bugged as the music doesn't sync up and halfway through the level obstacles disappear.



June 26, 2017

Starting anew! Your on what's hot!?!? Awesome!!!

June 27, 2017

Btw how does the triangle work in Birth of the sun?

July 12, 2017

Wait what? I was just showing this shitty ripoff of GD to neon and I saw this...

January 26, 2017

Hey guys, I need some help with this game, it is extremely hard to get anything done(in a short amount of time) with just one person. If anyone is willing to help then it will be VERY appreciated.

March 03, 2017

Willing to help! But, for some help in return (you don't have to!) What do you need help with, fellow creator?

March 03, 2017

Help in general....

Making speed portals work, making a level editor, making a sever, etc

March 04, 2017

Speed portals.... Maybe. Level creator..... I may be able to. Idk. As for a server, I'm not a Dev, so I can't do that. Sorry!

March 08, 2017

Okay pm me your email in the forums

January 24, 2017


January 07, 2017

I think it's alright but it's really slow, you could move the player and all the spots it can move to down a bit more towards the bottom of the screen and then make the enemies move faster. Also colliding with nothing is annoying, you should change all the collisions to match their graphics. I didn't understand how anything worked at the start so I had to tap randomly to figure it out, there are a few things in there after I finished both levels that I still don't understand what they are supposed to do.

January 07, 2017

"Enemys" would imply the spikes had feelings and familys lol. And I've tried making them faster but it made it nearly impossible. I've tried my best to make graphics make their collision but there is nothing more I can do. What are you unsure of?

January 08, 2017

Lol, pretty much what exactly does everything do except for the grey diamonds 😝 I have a pretty good idea of what they do but some of them I never even touch. You could some tutorial or info in the game.

January 08, 2017

Ok, and they are not diamonds they are spikes 😉

January 13, 2017

Alright I updated it(still no tutorial level as this update was kinda rushed)

January 26, 2017

Guess what I'm adding in the next update? A faster speed. :D

January 07, 2017

Not very fun, it gets repetitive quickly.

January 07, 2017

I'm gonna take that as a complement because that's the point of the game ;)

January 07, 2017

And obviously it depends on who plays it whether they like it or not, for example I love GD but my dad doesn't like it because, like you said, it's repetitive.

January 07, 2017

Geometry Dash has cool music, a level editor, variety, etc.

January 08, 2017

  1. Rn I only have permission to use waterflame's music 2. I will release another "app" on the hud for making your own levels, with a chance of getting it included in the main game 3. Several new backgrounds and levels to come soon, at least 4 new levels in the next update. 4. Working on customization

January 13, 2017

I updated it

January 05, 2017


January 06, 2017

Thank you

January 07, 2017

Also if a cat with a cartoon face on it can make an amazing game then anythings possible.