Zombie Resurrection

user_avatar Made by: Hakan


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Aim,shoot and kill the zombies!
My first shooting&zombie game is almost ready.
I set the whole game 40 levels so far and I really wonder what you think about it.
Pls let me know if you have an advice or realise a bug.
Thanks for playing.


Last Updated: September 21, 2022

Sorry I forgot ui hidden,now fixed...........................................................



July 31, 2018

Awesome! This can get me hooked, just some features could make it fully enjoyable. :)

I've seen moving obstacles, maybe moving targets will make it more challenging! And those different types of zombies should have some different abilities, like the zombies with shield; should have deflecting abilities, or an extra life.

I gotta say, the concept is unique.

July 31, 2018

Thanks for playing Robinson.I have animations for walking zombies,I will make a quick update for them.

July 30, 2018

The game idea is well implemented. The first levels are fun, but over time it gets boring. Make it a little more interesting, then it's twice as much fun :)

July 31, 2018

I will try to add new objects and animations but I need to search the web for some graphics first.thanks for your comment Dave.

July 30, 2018

Very cool game! I can definitely see this getting addicting!

I only had time to play the first 5 levels but here is my feedback so far:

  • The menu music/whispering is too scary for the art style. I don't feel it fits. Take a look at something like Plant VS Zombies. It's a more funny music atmosphere. This will also make your game more enjoyable by a larger audience.
  • I'd make the zombies have different abilities/difficulties. Like the one with the helmet require 2 hits to kill.
  • Make levels a bit more interesting. I'm only 5 in so far, so this may be the case. But maybe have the levels with moving parts or obstacles, and destroyable objects. Maybe things where it causes a chain reaction, like shoot a barrel, it rolls and kills the zombies.
  • Make the zombies more interesting. The different abilities I mention above is one way, but maybe also make them move around?
  • Maybe for a "hard mode" or a special mode that gets unlocked when beating the whole thing: the ability to kill your self. This may not fit, but just an idea.

July 31, 2018

Thanks for your advices Murtaza I will definately change the main track I didnt like it as well. I tried to add some physics objects after level 20 but it caused problems about the bullet.when the bullet hits the physics object it slows down.I will play with physics settings and see if I can do it.