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A complete remake of my original KrystalOS project — The best operating system simulator on hyperPad!

NOTE: This is only a design prototype, as it's obsolete from the new object referencing system.

This was meant to be KrystalOS 2 (formerly called KrystalX), the full redesign and second iteration of KrystalOS.

The dynamic system works via an app array, dynamic file names for each app and specific information.

It substitutes the lack of object referencing (at the time), by broadcasting to dynamically created app prefabs by using the spawned app X & Y position.

I've actually finished this ages ago, but never released it, as I was hoping to get some help making a good scrolling system, but that never happened.

This is now just a design prototype, as the dynamic method I've used to build this has now been obsoleted by the new object referencing system (a proper dynamic method, finally)

The KrystalOS timeline happened as such:
1. Released the original KrystalOS, when hyperPad had just introduced arrays.
— As object referencing wasn't even considered at the time, I had to make my own system. It worked by looping through the app array and broadcasting to the app name attribute

2. After continuing to work on it for awhile, I decided it's too messy and slow to continue working on, as I was also fairly inexperienced at the time. And so, I started developing KrystalOS 2 (known as KrystalX)

3. I started KrystalOS 2 from scratch. I had made all the core systems and UI design style. All it was missing was some fully featured 'apps' and needed to make a custom scrolling system (as hyperPad still doesn't have one)

4. I never released KrystalOS 2, as I needed a good custom scrolling system. I had asked for help, since my attempts weren't very smooth, but in the end, it was never made.

5. I forgot about KrystalOS and decided to work on other games. hyperPad finally added object referencing, so KrystalOS 2's dynamic system is now obsolete, so I decided to finally release it just as a basic design prototype.


Last Updated: October 02, 2019

• Added an app move button in the top bar to make it more accessible.

• Updated screenshots



October 04, 2019

Add the internet and YouTube

October 02, 2019

Still need to fix a few bugs.