Made by: LittleRat27


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GIGANTIC is an epic 5v5 shooter video game in which players from each team fight to become victorious. Each team must obtain 25 points to win a match. You earn points by killing enemies. NOTE: Attacking the enemy team’s guardian will not do anything. The guardians are simply there for support or if an enemy gets to close to your “safe zone”. The guardians aid you in attacking enemy heroes. This is still a BETA but I hope you enjoy!


Last Updated: July 06, 2018

*Bug Fixes, will be working on improving gameplay to make it more fun. Will try to add creatures that can be spawned to strengthen your guardian and support team heroes. Also, I am trying to make it so that each team’s guardian will attack each other. Please like and comment. I would like to hear your thoughts!



July 11, 2018

First, I'd like to start with saying you need proper screen shots and an icon for your project. The purpose of the screenshots and icons are to make your projects look appealing so others want to play them, and also for the hub to look appealing. The issue here is your screen shot doesn't really show any thing.. Please take some time in posting proper screen shots of the project.

Now for the game it self..

1) Way too many useless timers and fake loading. Why are you doing this? people are just going to quit and not wait. If it wasn't my job to play the projects I would have quit and just disliked right away.

2) Not much actual game play.. You have these non-animated graphics, just moving around and shooting. Where is the purpose. I don't even know what to do. There is this healthcare in the middle of the screen, that doesn't do go down?

3) Graphics are nice, but improperly used. Your scaling is wrong, background is HUGE and pixelated, but the characters are clear. But then there is no animations?

Overall it feels like you have bitten off more than you can chew. Which is a common mistake early game creators make. What I'd suggest is focus on learning the platform, and focus on making small examples that showcase key gameplay components. Don't try to create a whole game, because that's wayyy to much. Try to break down a game you like into components, then recreate those components in hyperPad. For example, take Mario. Don't try to create Mario all at once. Instead, start very small. Make Mario move. Spend days, weeks, months, to make Mario move perfectly. Make it fun to just move. Then form there add the next component. Why is Mario moving? add an obstacle or some purpose for Mario to exist.

Any ways, I hope this helps in the long run.

July 12, 2018

Thank you for your suggestions! I will try to work on the things you commented on.