Made by: XxWhiteHearrxX


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Infinity is a simple game showing light and sound techniques. The project is not branchable as I want to keep the techniques a secret. Have fun!

All visuals and sounds made by Melide, all rights reserved. Except for the font.


Last Updated: December 16, 2019



December 18, 2019

Awesome! 😄👍 Stunning visual effects and high quality, the only feedback I would give is to just spice up the gameplay more frequently. Similar to how you introduced the laser in the second phase. When you've died, you would have to go all the way back to when things are simple again and wait, but I'm guessing that's intentional right now. 😂

December 18, 2019

@RobinsonX Thank you so much! And yeah, I agree in that part. I didn't really know what to add in the game after I added the laser and I was like " it's just a test game where you show off light and sound techniques " so I didn't really do much things unless of light and sounds techniques. And yeah, the fact that when you died you restart the game from the beginning is intentional. I wanted it to feel disappointed when you died 😂 Thank you again for your feedback!

December 18, 2019

Good game.the fail sound can be better though.

December 18, 2019

@Hakan I totally agree. But my I lost my music app while deleting it for storage reasons and I couldn't re-downloaded it because of iOS 13 ( I'm on iPad mini and I only have iOS 12 ) and I downloaded my music app on my last account, so I couldn't get it back. But I found a solution that will be done soon, just got to wait a little bit and I will got my music app completely for me. Thank you for playing!

December 18, 2019

The graphics and soundtrack are really well done! Although I was a bit confused on what to do at first, as the player fell way too fast for me to react. There should be a short tutorial of some sort to get the player up to speed. Jumping around could get pretty stale, so maybe adding a collectable and/or power-up can keep it fresh? Again, great stuff. Keep it up!

December 18, 2019

@LinkoGames yeah it was actually meant to be like this, as a joke 😂 Even the entire game isn't serious, when you lose a game, you can tap on the score to tweet " I've just lost [number of meters] of my time " so it's pretty not serious. Even the name at first should have been " Try not to get bored " or " Boring game ". But I will try to make it more playable at first because you don't wanna die instantly when you start a game. Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate it!