Circle Dance

Made by: WaffleRain


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Bounce a blue circle using your draggable blue platform to reach some purple circles, being careful not to make it fall down, while everything slowly gets faster in this utterly small minigame. Wherever the ball lands in your blue platform influences it’s direction.

Ball Bouncing SFX: David McKee (ViRiX Dreamcore)


Last Updated: September 21, 2022

- Where the ball lands in the blue platform influences it’s direction (Thanks for the Apply Force behavior idea!)
- When the ball hits anything from the sides, it now reverses it’s x-velocity instead of being set to either 5 or -5

Sound Effects:
- Ball sound changed to a more ‘bouncy’ one (Attribution: David McKee ViRiX Dreamcore under CC-BY 3.0 and CC-BY 4.0)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bug wherein the ball doesn’t come down after immediately tapping the title screen following a game over

- Attribution splash screen displays before title screen
- Version number now displayed in title screen
- Project description updated



January 26, 2019

You should make the magenta circles passable (there's a toggle when you select them in the editor), this will stop them from slightly bouncing the cyan ball around when it hits and destroys them, doing this should still work with your game since collision behaviours still work with passable objects (it was kind of annoying when I lined up my paddle to bounce the cyan ball back up but it passed through a magenta ball and got knocked away from it).

January 21, 2019

Ok here’s what I think: I love the background it looks nice but I sometimes thing on games like these (hyper casual games) no complex backgrounds is needed just a solid colour will do perfectly. As for UI high Score on top and score on bottom it’s not enough is great for start but further down the road you should update that. Just all the colours in general are nice but I whould experiment with different colours and mix and match see what’s the best. Right now it’s a really good neon type theme and if that’s what your going for go all out with it

January 04, 2019

It’s a great start! I would make it so that the paddle has an apply force on each side of the paddle so that I can feel like I’m controlling the direction of the the ball