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Are you ready to dive into a dark dungeon full of dangerous traps and horrifying monsters to complete your destiny and escape your past?...

Crawler is an old-school inspired text dungeon crawling game, based on randomly generated events. Choose from 5 classes, each with its own advantages and story and try to escape this cursed catacombs...

Please, leave your feedback, i really need that to improve Crawler and make it more enjoyable.

Good luck, travelers and beware of the dungeon horror...


Last Updated: July 01, 2020

In this new version you will see:

*Creeping dungeon horror
*New class
*Hardmode with updated classes and soundtrack
*Endings of this dark journey
*Over 1000 armors and weapons
*2 new attacks, curse and poison
*New way to summon bosses

And much more content awaits!



July 02, 2020

😳 A lot has changed and I LOVE IT! 😮 I finally beat the game and killed a boss after summoning something. 🤷‍♂️ I like the measures taken to make the game more fun and more difficult. "Stop. Running." That alone would motivate me to keep analyzing. There are some glitches and oddities though... I could press multiple texts at the same time and execute multiple things at once, like healing and attacking on the same turn. Sometimes I would keep meeting merchants, 5 in a row in one case, and pentagrams were very common too. Maybe have a check for the previous room so you don't get the same results everytime. Despite all of that, I love this game! Keep doing what you're doing!

June 12, 2020

Awesome concept! I like how it's all randomized and RPG-like. 😊 Though, the game feels like it's based on random chance with little skill or decision-making. Maybe there could be a way for players to do more damage on attacks. (Clicking faster = more damage, and vice versa) 🤷‍♂️ I understand if you only want the project to be all text-based but I think some actions should be based on some skill. Spicing things up with transform effects like changing the color of the text or making the text bob would definitely make things stand out. Overall, I think this project is great and it has some potential! 👍

June 12, 2020

Thanks for your feedback, it motivates me to work on it, and yeah, youre right, this should be more skill based, i will try to do this in a next update!

June 10, 2020

I was finally able to beat it today! Not sure if it was a bug, but after I defeated the final boss, I was met with a black screen. I understand it is a work in progress, but I just wanted to let you know in case it was unintentional lol.

As it stands, the game is heavily reliant on luck. Some luck here and there is okay, but when you leave everything to fate it can make a loss feel undeserved.

This is my final suggestion and then I’ll stop spamming your project with comments lol. I ran into four traps in a row and so lost a large amount of health. I love the idea of traps, but they’re pretty discouraging at times. Instead of there being a chance of triggering a trap when analyzing a room, I would suggest having a chance of triggering a trap when you skip a room. This would be an added incentive to analyze more often and punish players for skipping far too many rooms.

You should go to the Hyperpad forums and create a thread for your game in the Showcase section! I see not many people have taken a look at your game and it definitely deserves more attention. You’ll probably get a lot more feedback there, too!

June 11, 2020

Thanks a lot for all your feedback, you did a lot for this game, im currently working on an update which became something bigger than just bug fixes, i think i will do the forum thread after this update, i appreciate all your effort and i will put your name in a game because you did a lot to make this project better and im thankful!

June 11, 2020

No please, you don’t have to do anything like that lol. I just like to see others succeed! And I actually had quite a bit of fun playing this so thank YOU! I’m a huge sucker for dungeon crawlers and roguelikes so I just couldn’t stay away.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next update!

June 06, 2020

I love this! I’ve been wanting to make something like this for quite some time but I think I’d rather just play this instead lol. I’m probably going to sink more time into it and looking forward to you fleshing it out more!

June 07, 2020

Thanks for your feedback and support, i really appreciate that! :D

June 07, 2020

Of course! I’ve attempted the dungeon as each character a few times and the titan just completely obliterates me lol.

Does this game take any inspiration from the game CRAWL by powerhoof? The music makes me think of it. If you haven’t played it, you fight through dungeons until your XP reaches level 10. At level 10, a portal to the final boss is open, but you may continue fighting through dungeons and save to boss fight for later.

I would maybe recommend incorporating a similar mechanic instead of being thrown into the fight once you reach the end-game requirements. This way, you could spend more time looting and crawling (which is arguably the most exciting part of the game) at the risk of dying before getting another chance of challenging the boss.

Still very fun! I’m not giving up on taking down the titan lol.

June 08, 2020

I appreciate your effort and glad that you liked my game :D My inspiration indeed was CRAWL and some oldschool dungeon crawlers such as ultima and eye of the beholder. Really loved crawl music aswell :D Your recommendation about bossfight is fair, i wanted to make it kinda sudden but i think you really need more time to loot before the bossfight, working hard on an update and hope it will be done soon!