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Get to the end without dropping any boxes, but watch out for road bumps! Use A to accelerate and B to break/reverse. Please give feedback, I'm open to any ideas or suggestions ;)


Last Updated: September 21, 2022

- Updated graphics
- Added more levels
- Added level transitions
- Added pass and fail sounds



June 27, 2018


August 20, 2016

Cool! You should add cheats...

August 07, 2016

Nice update!

August 07, 2016

How many levels are there? I'm assuming 5 because after the 5th it went back to 1st level. You should add a main menu 😊. Looking forward to new levels.

August 07, 2016


February 05, 2016

Wow, very difficult but fun! Just one question for the assembly app, is there a way to crop out the background, like make it checkered or do I have to manually edit it on hyperpad?

February 05, 2016

Export as png then choose transparent

February 06, 2016

Thank you

February 05, 2016

Hey, this is an awesome game. If you don't mind, I might branch the project, add a few more levels, just stuff like that.

February 04, 2016

Good...I notice that your "good job" pop up to go to the next level was not in the center of the screen, so it looks a little funny...but good game!!!

February 04, 2016

Only one level? Okay, so it's a beta. I like the concept. You should add a few stuff for every level and make unique stuff that introduce themselves as the levels progress. Some suggestions:

-a time limit to intensify the round.

-Different truck machinery tools so that peole don't get bored with the same repeating concept.

-Bumps that are timed and go away and come back every second

-like scores for each round based on how many times you had to retry and how long it took you.

-what I've really learned whilst using Hyperpad is that you have to reward the player. Make them want to really play your game. Make like a custom shop where you could improve your vehicle, get a new vehicle, and even a rage ticket if the player has been playing long enough. By rage ticket I mean like something else you have to do instead of accomplishing the particular stage.

Cool concept. You just have to work on it. Good luck!

February 04, 2016

I it's a pretty cool concept, your graphics look great!

But I thought it was really hard for the first level and I quit.......

You should make easier levels and then lead up to hard ones so people can get the hang of it first

February 04, 2016

Thanks! I'll try and do that