Super stick bros


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This is my first game so it is not very successful.Tune in some other day for new updates!Fight your way through this very short platformer!


Last Updated: December 27, 2015



December 27, 2015

Good start! a few suggestions:

  • Your camera is not that great. I'd start by centering the player on the screen then doing the screen follow. Also, Take a look at a game like mario, (and most other platformers) they very rarely have the screen follow in the Y direction, unless it is in a specific situation (in mario, it only follows the y direction after you have climbed a ladder to a certain height.. then it stops, until your jump down).
  • Very confusing level. Everything is white. I don't know what I can walk on, and what I cant.
  • The sense of scale seems off. Some things are huge, others are not. They really don't fit on the screen and it makes it hard to play the game. Take your enemy, he's so big, and off screen that I don't know when he's there or when he's not. I basically have to risk dying just to get passed him because I can't plan. Again, take a look at mario, they do a great job at using the level to teach you how to play. We actually wrote an article on making a fun platformer level:
  • When does the game end? I reached the end, but nothing happened.. I could continue to move froward, until I fell off the level.

December 27, 2015

That's the end.You die.WHA HA HA HAAA

December 27, 2015

Even though it is a little buggy and the camera is off-positioned, this is a great concept of a game, and I would like to see more of this. So basically, 7.75/10

December 27, 2015

Great job for a first game! Basically, if you want to make your game fun and addictive you have to get rid of complete randomness and obviously you have to have a good idea. As you start to get familiar with the editor, you'll be able to create your good ideas. You did a really good job with the randomness. However, you should've made the screen bigger-which is totally okay. It's your first time, and again, you're still getting familiar with the editor. That influences randomness in a way because you can't see anything. Good luck and great job!

December 27, 2015

Thanks for the positivity!

December 27, 2015

Sorry I've made a mistake-I meant first game I've uploaded.Sorry about that.😓