The Totally normal mario mobile port

user_avatar Made by: KittyStudio

Branched from Super Mario Bros.


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This is a totally normal mario mobile port, it's definitely not possessed, it's totally normal. You can trust us. Just don't play this, it's the mario game you know and love. It's nothing different. GET LOST!(Note: the game is very violent and has graphic images even if it's pixel art, also very loud noises, I recommend not wearing headphones for this, unless you really like to torture yourself)
Credit to nintendo for making super mario bros deluxe! (Also when the fix sound test menu update comes out I'll get a new banner)

Controls: d-pad to walk, a to jump, b to do nothing, you can wall jump by colliding with the wall then press the jump button repeatly and then you'll be able to wall jump.


Last Updated: May 04, 2023

It's the deluxe update!

1: the deaths of yoshi, luigi, and bowser are now revamped, they look much better now

2: changed the emulator to eclipse emulator (which is an actual emulator)

3: the mario game we play is S.M.B. Deluxe on the G.B.C.

4: changed the character select screen to the VS mode in S.M.B. Deluxe on the G.B.C.

5: changed the transition frames by a little bit

6: cutscenes now have color in the background that way it has a vibe to it when something bad is happening (specifically the best example would be in the yoshi level end cutscene)

7: Sound test menu is gone forever

8: Bug Fixes to some things in last update (not alot)

9: NEW BANNER! Please not judge on what your seeing

Note: this is the last update of the game. So what will happen next, well... A NEW MARIO GAME! TUNE IN NEXT TIME AS YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO PLAY: The Totally Normal Mario Land Mobile Port. The mario.exe game where we play mario land on the G.B. (Now in black and white)



June 01, 2023

Oh wow - this is actually pretty well done. I actually did get jumpscared, despite the warnings lol. Pretty solid game!

May 09, 2023

@clarissa if I would add a game to the community game challenge it would be the sequel to this, overall thanks for the recommendation, the sequel "the totally normal mario land mobile port" will be for the community game challenge.

May 09, 2023

Hey !! If you made the game for the Community Challenge don't forget to add #CommunityChallenge :)

May 04, 2023


April 13, 2023

Thanks "@meoweds" I fixed the title from the tottaly normal mario mobile port" to "the totally normal mario mobile port" I even fixed the problem in the description, except for in the main game, I can't fix that in time. I hope you enjoy this finished version of mario bros game

April 12, 2023


April 12, 2023


April 11, 2023