Bob's Speedy Adventure

user_avatar Made by: RobinsonX


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Engage in a speedrun competition with other hyperPad users! Rank at the top on the global leaderboard and receive prizes from the hyperPad discord!

Courses have been set for contestants to beat. Their goal is to complete the levels as fast as possible -- scores will be recorded and displayed on the leaderboard for everyone to see!

The top 3 players will be invited for something special. Who will it be?



Last Updated: September 21, 2022

Fixed scores not saving on poor connections: the game now waits for a secure connection before attempting to set a score on the leaderboard.



June 05, 2023

Can I please play single player offline?

June 14, 2022

@Avocado Studios The servers are down, but I could just make the game work offline since nobody plays it anymore

June 14, 2022

I bet it is a great game but… it takes sooooo long to connect to server. I’ve waited for probably half an hour and it’s still on the connecting to server screen. The waiting music is great but I wish I could play the actual game.

February 15, 2021

This is amazing. I’ve been meaning to try it for weeks but have been to busy. It’s really well done. Great effects, sounds, the ui every thing is just excellent.

My only complaint is on the phone (16:9) the joystick and jump button are too small and not positioned where it is comfortable for me. They’re too far on the edges. This often made it hard for me to play... I’m also really bad at any😂

February 13, 2021

@MashieMator Discord is free and is easy to register in. You would only do this once and you have access to all hyperPad challenges, but if you still don't want to install it, you can just make a fake discord tag. It's just that you won't be able to receive rewards via discord if you don't sign up for it. (Once you sign in, there's no signing out)

February 13, 2021

laughs in having no discord

February 11, 2021

@RobinsonX it won’t let me do the glitch he did. Just saying.

February 11, 2021

@RobinsonX However, in newer levels, some of these bugs are patched. The current bugs just remain in already existing levels.

February 11, 2021

@Rex6240 These runs are not glitched -- they are legitimate. Players always find bugs (like being able to walk through spikes from the sides) and it is 100% acceptable as they are not modifying the game in any way. If I fix these bugs, then the all runs will be deemed invalid because the outcome of the runs would change if the player were to attempt to perform the exact same run. Some players were already enraged when they found out that one of the levels were modified after being published.

February 10, 2021

Okay so if you watch some of the replays like Aiden’s for level 2, they got glitched runs.

February 07, 2021

@Darkkit10 Thanks! 👍

February 07, 2021

It’s really good

February 03, 2021

@MrOdd1sOut It's not easy. People are getting rewarded for this and they're not going to get it for free

February 03, 2021

@RobinsonX it’s been 5 hours.

February 03, 2021

@MrOdd1sOut It's supposed to be a challenge ;)

February 03, 2021

The freaking last one is HARD!!

January 31, 2021

@RobinsonX Awesome! I’ll try not getting addicted to it 😂😂✨

January 30, 2021

@Melide coins barely have any effect -- more like a showcase in the leaderboards. I'll add a low quality setting in the next update for lower-end devices. :)

January 30, 2021

It would’ve been great to have a version that doesn’t lag on older devices ( without parallax, less particules effects ). I’ve also found the movement of the character very weird, it sometimes stuck itself on the ground but it can be expected and countered. It’s really good to see speedrun on hyperPad! I hope the coins doesn’t affect the final score cause I’ll find it cheesy since, for me, a speedrun is time based 😂 But I understand if coins are wanted in this speedrun, it can be very challenging. Congrats again on this!