Bounce and Bust

Made by: PixelGamer26 indie


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Introducing Bounce and Bust!
An all-new game with gameplay similar to Doodle jump and Mario! With simple controls and fun characters!

Graphics: Amazing backgrounds and cartoony characters!
Gameplay: Jumping survival with randomly placed objects and varying level designs!
Controls: Simple and easy to use controls.


Last Updated: November 09, 2018



November 21, 2018

Hey this is a great start! I really like the graphics and animations.

However, the gameplay is kind of boring. I don't really know what I'm supposed to do. I feel like I'm thrown in there with no immediate feedback on what 'm supposed to do or what my goal is. Take doodle jump, in that game when you start you don't really have any instructions, which is fine. But the player is rewarded with a sense of a goal the moment the tap the screen. The gameplay is designed in a way where you just feel like you're supposed to jump. The first platform is low, and when you get on it, you are propelled a little higher It just feels... right...

In your game the starting point is really empty, and the platforms are high up. I jump there, but nothing happens. The screen doesn't pan up telling me to go higher, or any sort of immediate feedback. I'm just sitting there waiting, and wondering what I'm supposed to do. Then there is also the pink monsters, they're moving back and forth. I feel like I'm supposed to avoid them, but I'm not sure? Nothing happens when I walk into them. I jump on them and they disappear. I feel slightly accomplished, but then my HP goes down. So did I kill him, did he kill me?

Any ways it's a good start. You just need to work on the feeling, and making the player feel like they have a purpose.

November 21, 2018

Thanks for the feedback! I will work on these improvements.

November 10, 2018