Reborn Roots

user_avatar Made by: Kamdroid


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🌱 Reborn Roots 🌱
A devastating event leaves the forest in uncertainty.
Only with your help may there be another chance to prosper.

Guide roots down the depths of the world, and let the story grow.


Screenshots not uploading.. will try again soon.

Made for Global Game Jam

Please note this is an early demo. A lot of time was spent on behind-the-scenes systems, and unfortunately the game jam deadline has come sooner than expected.


Last Updated: February 12, 2023

β˜€οΈ Early Release Version β˜€οΈ

Featuring 3 carefully crafted chapters:
* 🌱 Planting your roots 🌱
* πŸͺ± Wiggle room πŸͺ±
* πŸ’Ž Mysterious runes πŸ’Ž

Help guide roots to their destination and watch as the story unfolds.

New features:
* Start menu
* Improved UI
* Improvements to intro cinematic
* Save progress
* β€” and much more!


I don't have enough time to create finalised screenshots, but hopefully tomorrow!



March 13, 2023

Nice game

March 03, 2023

This is one of the best games I’ve ever played. Thank you for making a game into a beautiful story with a message. The graphics are AMAZING ! I am so impressed ! It was worth waiting for the game to load 100%

February 13, 2023

I figured out how to render the drawn lines smoothly. I will work on making this visual change.

February 13, 2023

@Aidan_Fire Thanks, I'll work on shorting it. I did try render texture and draw, though the lines were always super jaggy/pixelated when player moved X position. Please let me know if you manage to smoothly render it.

February 13, 2023

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I will adjust the intro cinematic to be not as lengthy, in the next update.

February 13, 2023

Nice this isn’t too bad. The text does take ages to go through and might be a cool small visual improvement to have the roots pathway drawn instead of acting like a rope.

February 13, 2023

Good game but it takes forever to start

February 11, 2023

WHOA! This is nice!

February 05, 2023

Screenshots get stuck uploading, I'll try again tomorrow.