BotPixel Multiplayer Test

Made by: RobinsonX developer


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Test the project with other players and have fun! This is only a beta test and may not represent final gameplay. If you find any bugs, please comment them below!

If you have any suggestions, you can also comment them below!


Last Updated: June 02, 2019

This is gonna be explosive.

New contents that came along with the update!
• New Weapon: Rocket Launcher!

Adapted and adjusted contents!
• Increased visibility and aiming restrictions.
• Reduced the size of the Cyber Rifle’s projection for balance.
• Optimized and simplified stuff for performance improvements.

Bugs that were fixed in this update!
• Unnatural aiming animations.
• Walking animations while staying still.
• Player models being offset from their position.
• Flickering of laser projectiles at unexpected locations.

Thank you everyone for the support!

Features that are in the queue!
• Settings to change controls, viewing aspects, particles, etc.
• Deathmatch, flag capture, and other gamemodes.
• Login & Sign up your BotPixel Account.
• Firework-themed weapons!



June 07, 2019

I can’t play with other people! :(

June 08, 2019

Well, it's not very active yet. Sorry... 😬

The only thing you can do is get other people to come play too.

June 05, 2019

Make club penguin and “EG the game” where u play as an egg with legs and u can edit ur egg. (Ps: make dem multiplayer! :))

June 05, 2019

Not sure about that request... 😬

I'll make multiplayer, but I'm not trying to copy any other game. You can make it if you want, chat with me on the forums if you need help with the multiplayer part!

June 04, 2019

Amazing. You should definitely work on having players take damage and die and respawn when everyone is dead!

June 04, 2019

I’ll make seperate lobbies for that! :D

There can be different gamemodes and such, a deathmatch gamemode and a chill out gamemode can be a thing. I’ll need to work on the menus and networking stuff though, it’ll take a while and take some big steps but it’ll be worth out!

June 02, 2019

Really polished, amazing work. Unfortunately when shooting it eventually started to lag and stutter, though I think that might be unavoidable, maybe when I get a new iPad it'll be better (currently have iPad Air 2).

I know at least 4 of my friends would love to play something like this, unfortunately they don't have any Apple devices; I wouldn't either, though the Android tablet market is pretty dead.

June 03, 2019

Yeah, it stutters sometimes when you shoot. It’s probably about the While Touching or Joystick Analog behaviors that constantly give outputs, those behaviors cause some stuttering for some reason... 😬

I can eliminate the “While Touching” behavior, but I need the Joystick Analog for detecting the angle for shooting.. I don’t know..

June 02, 2019

This really shows the power of HyperPad! Moving the character and shooting works well, and the guns have a great powerful feel to them. Of course I couldn’t test it yet in a multiplayer, but seems very promising. I hope this will one day be a great chaotic 2D Battle Royale! :)

Only thing that was weird in the gameplay was that the aiming switched from up to down or down to up when turning.

June 02, 2019

Your comment justifies my opinion on hyperPad. :) hyperPad is immensely powerful! It’s amazing what you can do on your iPad, no need for a computer or any complicated software, hyperPad has it all.

Sure, maybe it’s usually empty and such, barely anyone online. When the project’s in full swing, I’m thinking more people would actively play the game. About that weird aiming bug, that’s going to be fixed soon!